The Bedrock DSP500 is a digital signal processor, designed for a wide variety of pro audio applications, and customizable to meet the needs of even the most demanding project. Its main application is as an integrated measuring and control device: data from multichannel acoustic measurements (such as STIPA)  are used to adaptively steer the DSP parameters. The DSP500 is highly customizable.

EA Bedrock DSP500

The Bedrock DSP500 has the following key specifications:


  • 16×16 CobranetTM channels
  • 8×8 analog channels (unbalanced; configurable unbalanced/balanced on DSP501 only)
  • Signal processing: EQ, filtering, compression, gain, delay
  • Mixing and switching: fully configurable matrix/mixers. Each output can be any mix of (processed) inputs
  • Embedded signal generator (including STIPA test signal, noise, sine)
  • Easy switching between max. 64 preset configurations through front panel or network interface
  • Configuration through embedded webserver (on separate, firewalled LAN connector)

Hardware platform

  • Based on the groundbreaking Embedded Acoustics Bedrock BSP64 signal processor
  • Dual-core Intel Atom control processor for interfacing and additional processing
  • Front panel control through OLED display and navigation buttons
  • Standard 1U 19 inch form factor case 
  • Powered from 100-230V mains (rated max. 60W)
  • 8×8 RCA connectors for unbalanced audio
  • 8×8 channel balanced audio through Phoenix connector (DSP501 only)
  • Dual Cobranet LAN ports on rear panel
  • Gbit LAN port on rear panel for external control interfacing (PLCs, zone switching, etc.)
  • Gbit LAN port on front panel for system configuration through the embedded webserver

Technical specifications

  • Internal processing at 48 kHz, 45 bits
  • AD/DA conversion: 16/24 bits multi-bit sigma-delta
  • Dynamic range on analog outputs > 110 dB; on analog inputs > 100 dB
  • Total latency in digital processing and I/O max. 0.1 ms; ADC and DAC latency max. 0.4 ms 
  • 16 Mbit of memory for delay lines (dynamically allocated)

The DSP501 and DSP500 are identical devices, with the exception that all analog IO for the DSP501 is switchable/mixable between unbalanced and balanced (resp. RCA/Phoenix connector)